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Design scope

Our pricing includes up to 3 website architectural designs for you to select from. Note that all written and graphic material, like photos and videos, are to be provided by the client.


Please let us know if some of your pages need to be password protected. Your domain specific email can also be set up.
This work can then be part of our quote.

Updates and changes

We know that you most likely need to make updates to your website content throughout the year. If it is not a total rewrite we will not charge extra in the 1st year.

Flexible pricing plans

After we have discussed your website plans and ideas we will provide you with a couple of pricing options. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 

Having a great search ranking for your website will always be at the centre of our effort. We work with Google Analytics to monitor your website performance.


Having a well designed, easy to navigate and informative website is essential for any organization today. It is an information tool benefitting your members, employees and the public. Bring your plans and ideas to us and we will work with you to design a website you and your organization can be proud of. It will take the efforts of all parties to sort out ideas and select the ones which are important to make the website a success. We will be on your side all the way. 

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